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This book unity game optimization book is currently being offered for free for 6 hours.  While pieces of it can be found online,  it brings all that information together in a cohesive whole.  It covers not just code optimization, but art, audio and physics optimization too.  Get it while it’s free!

Auto Installing Git Hooks

Git hooks are fantastic! With a pre-commit git hook, you can run unit tests, check coding standard compliance, or anything else you want BEFORE the code is committed into the repository. The problem is that the hook needs to be manually installed on each user’s local machine. Fortunately for Unity projects, we have access to an event that lets us install it automatically. The code below does the trick.

Unity Tab To Space

Yes, I realize you can easily do this on the terminal to change all the tabs in a file to spaces. But sometimes you just don’t want to leave the Unity window.   To use this just select one or more files in the Project window, then click on the menu,  Assets->TabToSpace.

Git repo at https://github.com/redmondurbino/TabToSpace.


Inherited Static Members

For my first blog post, lets start with a programming tidbit.  For folks who know C# / C++, what do you think will be the output when the Start() method is called?

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