Pebble Smartwatch


I finally got my Pebble watch on Saturday, and it is just awesome.   So many customizable watch faces and apps.   In pebble terminology, a watch face just displays time, and does not respond to button presses.  An app actually will respond to button presses.

I was looking around for a dual time zone watch face, so I could see Manila time and my local time at the same time.  It turns out there are apps that can do that, where you can customize the two times displayed by pressing buttons, but none were a watch face.   The beauty of the Pebble watch is you can program and customize it to your needs.

So now I’ve made two pebble watch faces.  You can can get the USA Manila Time watch face at .   I think I’d be the only one who’d install the Temple Run Oz watch face.  But if you’re interested, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Pebble Smartwatch

  1. Marissa U. Flores

    This is a great watch. I am pretty sure your Lolo Romy would love one. Thinking of a Christmas gift? It would be nice so he does not call here at 3AM when he gets the time difference confused! (hint! hint!)

    1. redmondurbino Post author

      Lol, I would NOT recommend this watch to a regular consumer. Bluetooth syncing is still a little finicky. I keep hearing though of rumors of an iWatch. Let’s see what Apple comes up with.


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